Greg Garcia

Bitwarden to Keepassxc Converter

Convert your Bitwarden JSON vault to a KeePassXC compatible CSV using bw2kpxc

February 20, 2024 · Greg

Power Platform Elevation PCF

Update - Containers give you depth

July 24, 2022 · Greg

Generating barcodes using Python - much more than you wanted to know

How to create barcode images using Pillow, the Python Imaging Library (PIL) fork, and treepoem.

August 30, 2021 · Greg

Installing Coreboot on a Thinkpad X220

How to flash coreboot firmware and partially disable Intel Management Engine (ME) on an X220 using an external SPI programmer

June 19, 2021 · Greg

Building - the Old Version: Part II

Part II of II – how I setup ssl, native Tor support, and basic server headers

May 1, 2021 · Greg